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San Miguel
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5 900 000€
Description : 

Na Xamena, designed by Ramón Esteve and located in Ibiza, is a house designed for the enjoyment of the sea and its views.


Harmony, timeless serenity, atmosphere, universality and contextualization are some of the constants that appear in his work and that announce the will of those who want to contribute to the environment much more than buildings. The result is the generation of environments with an enveloping atmosphere, which provokes unique experiences.


Project description:

As conductive elements of this project, its physical and cultural environment, its light, the landscape of rocks and junipers and, on the horizon, the sea and the cliffs clipping into it are postulated.


The house is designed so that it can have a continuous growth based on the guidelines established by the origin. The aggregation of different cubic bodies is arranged as a sequence of variable measurement spaces, tracing an increasing path.


The architectural complex scales the rocky base, as a compact and simple whole, establishing a parallel with the morphology of the cliff. From the outside, the layout of the terraces and the pool form a visual perspective crowned with the resounding geometry of the volumes.


The architecture harmonizes with its surroundings as a smooth and logical succession of the terrain and landscape. The outer space is completed with the geometry of the access stairs.


The walls, clean and bare, are pierced to capture the light following an order marked by the interior configuration, in which the object predominates over the void.


From the inside and through the windows, the panoramic view of the pool is framed, which appears as a sheet of water that merges with the sea.


A sequence of spaces that are opening from the inside to the outside appears, in an attitude of absolute respect towards the environment, building from it, with knowledge of the fragility of the territory and its limited ability to host images without diluting its character, a thoughtful attitude that includes all the suggestions of the topography, the immediate sea and the light, seeking the legitimacy that time has granted to this place.


<15 minutes from the beach
Air conditioning
Fenced plot
Swimming pool
Sea view
Tourist rental license